Our Team

We strive to serve our local community’s needs with our friendly dedicated team of qualified staff who provide care and education following the EYFS within a happy and stimulating environment, enriched by community support.

Our children are looked after by Sandra, Cheryl and Emma who are highly qualified with years of teaching and childcare experience. They undergo regular training and are passionate about the development of the children in their care. They love their job and genuinely care about the children.

Sandra Ludlow
Pre-school Leader

Sandra is our pre-school leader and has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the pre-school. She has worked at Broughton Under 5s for many years and lives in the village. She is mum to two daughters and a proud grandma to three young boys.

Cheryl Kiely
Deputy Pre-school Leader

Cheryl is Sandra’s deputy and they have worked together at Broughton Under 5s for many years. She lives in the village and has three grown up children.

Emma Wittering
Pre-school Assistant

Emma is the newest member of the team and has a degree in childcare level 6. She lives in the village.

Our team: Emma, Sandra and Cheryl
Emma, Sandra and Cheryl

Qualifications and Training

Two members of staff are qualified to a minimum of NVQ level 3 and one member of staff is level 6, together with first aid and safeguarding.

Our membership of the Pre-school Learning Alliance ensures that we are constantly in touch with new thinking in the field of child education and care. We receive a monthly magazine and regular e-mails offering practical advice and up to date information, and we have access to a range of professionally produced publications. These are displayed on the notice board or in the foyer.

In addition, ongoing training is available through Pre-school Learning Alliance and Northants County Council courses. Informal training is available through local meetings and conferences.

Running of Broughton Under5s

The pre-school is a registered charity and is run by an elected committee.